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ONSET DJ formerly known as “Koutour My Design & DJ”, established in 2012, he has created a platform for music professionals alike to march to the beat of their own tunes. Having spent many years playing at night clubs and block parties, DJing weddings and special events, Roody has had a lot of time to develop his sound, “a deep hypnotic groove…” DJing on the streets of New York City, back in its hay day when block parties were big. Made him No stranger to on the fly mixing and choosing the right equipment to create the best sound. Having played at venues in the tri-states area and all of New England he certainly has seen it all, the big, small and ugly. These experiences have confirmed that no too clients are alike so custom sets are the way to go.

Since the majority of our events are weddings we have mastered the art of turning your day into a true celebration of love. Weddings are the bread and butter of our business, it’s an event you don’t want to mess up! Experience has taught Roody organization, timely responses and enthusiasm to create a love story through music, translates into a packed dance floor and smiling guest wholeheartedly enjoying the day!

With a saturated market of mobile DJ’s setting yourself apart takes experience and time. Experience has brought trust and loyal repeat clients to ONSET DJ. “Not ever competing with others, but always with myself, cultivating a love for what I do and I say the journey has just begun starting, WITH YOU!” 

Here at Onset DJ we create experiences for our clients. Getting married is not only about the vows and partying its about creating memories that last a lifetime just like your marriage will. Your DJ is one of your most important vendors. It's obvious we play music, its the music we play that creates an experience you can replay. I've been married for 13 years and each time I here "Spend My life with you", by Tamia and Eric Benet I replay in my mind my beautiful wife walking down the aisle. Are you ready to create memories? 

and I am all about the dropping that beat.

this is your day


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